Via-Astrology – Astrological overview for the next quarter

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Pluto stations direct on 4th October 2020, at 22 1/2 degrees Capricorn. That’s almost exactly the point at which its conjunction with Saturn occurred on January 12th this year, so we’ll see strong echoes of the same themes triggered then. A stationing planet is a powerful energy. And Pluto is very much about power – how we claim and use our own power; how we give it away to others; how we work with others in a powerful, dynamic way; or how we clash with them, each struggling to end up ‘the winner’. The past five months, since Pluto turned retrograde (appearing to go backwards in the sky,) have given us an opportunity to explore those themes in our own lives and to watch such power struggles unfolding in the wider world. Pluto is also about profound (but often difficult) transformation. In Capricorn, it’s testing some of the structures of our corporate lives to destruction.

Now Pluto is poised to move forward again, re-tracing the path it’s been grinding out since January. What difficult lessons have we learned about power and transformation this year? Where and how can we begin to step up and step out with more courage and agency to re-form our personal and collective lives?

Other major planets have also recently stationed direct. Saturn stationed on 29th September and Jupiter on 13th September. They are still moving very slowly for now but both will gradually pick up speed as they cross the second half of Capricorn. Saturn is spending its last 11 weeks there, crossing into Aquarius in mid-December. It won’t return to Capricorn until 2047. It’s a particularly important time for you if you were born between 1959 and 1961, or February to June 1988, or between November 1988 to February 1991, as these eleven weeks represent the last of your Saturn return. Saturn takes about 29 years to complete a cycle of the Zodiac and your Saturn return is a highly significant time for becoming more mature and grounded so that you can offer the work of your heart to the world. However, Saturn in Capricorn has a message for each of us. What have we learned in the past two and a half years? What has this passage of time tested? What has passed the test? What is it wise to let go?

Jupiter will spend a further 12 weeks in Capricorn, during which it will make its third and final conjunction with Pluto on 12th November. Look back to the previous conjunctions – a week either side of April 4th/5th and June 30th – for clues as to how this powerful and expansive energy has been working in your life and the world in general. Themes of confidence and faith, of corruption, wealth, power and transformation, of hope or its loss, of beliefs challenged and new truths emerging, of over-the-top hype and spin, of enormous efforts towards a goal are likely to be apparent.

Jupiter will move into Aquarius shortly before its grand conjunction with Saturn at 1/2 degree Aquarius on the Winter Solstice, 21st December 2020. This conjunction marks the ending of one 20 year cycle and the beginning of another. It is also the start of a 200 year cycle of such conjunctions occurring in Air signs and is therefore a highly significant marker of the birth of a new age. Births are rarely easy. It will take time for new patterns to emerge and settle and those patterns will depend upon our own internal compass, our thoughts and our actions. I will be running a series of online workshops in November to support people to find your own energising vision for this next phase of your lives and of the life of the planet as a whole. More details to follow.

Several other outer planets are still retrograde: Neptune, in mid Pisces, Uranus between about 7 and 10 degrees of Taurus, Chiron in early Aries and Mars through the second half of Aries.

Caution – Fireworks
In any retrograde period (which happen at regular intervals and when the planets only *seem* to go backwards from an Earth-based perspective,) we are asked to review different areas of our lives represented by the planet in question. It’s a period of review and reflection, when forward progress can seem to be blocked or delayed. It’s also a time when the retrograde planet is at its closest physical distance from Earth, so the energy can feel intense. Many of us are likely to be triggered by the Mars retrograde in its home sign of Aries, as it makes squares to the outer planets in Capricorn. There’s lots of energy to be used; if we don’t, we shall probably feel angry and frustrated. This is a time to be particularly mindful of how we marshal and control our energy, our desires, our boundaries and our anger; it’s also a time for courage and digging deep into our reserves. Check out my YouTube video if you want to know more.

Mercury is also retrograde from 14th October to 3rd November. The Mercury retrograde takes place between 11 1/2 degrees Scorpio back to 26 degrees Libra. The week before it stations, Mercury will oppose Uranus in Taurus and that aspect will be active through the first three weeks of October. This coincides with the final Jupiter Pluto conjunction and the perfecting of the square Mars (and Eris) in Aries will make to Pluto. The Sun in Libra will also oppose Mars and square Pluto in mid-October. It could well be an incendiary time, so it’s very important to use the energy in a healthy way and to stay as calm as possible while still addressing with great care what needs to be said and done. Regularly use whatever practice you know that centers and stills you so that you have some detachment and reserves of emotional strength to deal with this.

Eclipses across the Gemini / Sagittarius axis
New and Full Moons happen every month when the Sun and Moon are in the same degree of longitude. Eclipses happen when the New and Full Moons are close to the Moon’s nodes. Between October 2020 and late January 2021, the North Node of the Moon moves between 23 degrees and 19 degrees of Gemini and the South Node exactly opposes it in Sagittarius.

There will therefore be a partial Lunar Eclipse on November 30th between 8 and 9 degrees Gemini and a total Solar Eclipse on December 14th at 23 degrees Sagittarius. The latter is a particularly powerful time for us to form an intention about what we wish to bring into our lives.

All the Solar and Lunar eclipses for approximately the next 18 months will occur on the Gemini / Sagittarius axis. This axis signifies learning, teaching, communication and exposure to new and differing ideas and data. It’s a time when our perspectives and beliefs are likely to be challenged and we will have to integrate new information into our lives. The effects of an eclipse can last for six months.

The triple conjunction in Capricorn
The conjunction of three outer planets in Capricorn has really been the keystone of this year, astrologically. It all kicked off on 12th January when the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto perfected. Jupiter joined in and has made exact conjunctions to Pluto on 4th/5th April and 30th June. It will make its third and final conjunction on 12th November. Saturn has returned to within a 3 degree orb of conjuncting Pluto but the two will not meet again exactly until 2053 in Pisces. The structures of our communal lives and our society have been sorely tested this year and no doubt, most of us will feel some relief when we can bid 2020 goodbye as Jupiter and Saturn, at least, move on into Aquarius. But next year, Pluto remains in Capricorn and Saturn will move into a square with Uranus. It ain’t over yet! So…

• Nurture strength of spirit.
• Connect with nature and with each other.
• Above all, remember the supreme power of Love.
• These times are testing and challenging… but we were all born for them!
• What can each of us do to light a candle in the darkness?