"Growth. Change. Evolution. That is the heart of astrology."
Steven Forrest

The Sun, Moon and planets of our Solar System circle majestically and endlessly across the sky. This marks the seasons of the agricultural year, with its cycles of seeding, growing, flowering, bearing fruit, decay, death and rebirth. This also marks the seasons of our lives.

At the moment of each birth, the planets form a pattern in the sky. That unique pattern is your birth chart. Understanding the symbols and signs within it can illuminate your personality, your overt and hidden strengths and vulnerabilities and your soul’s journey.

As we live our lives and the planets continue to circle, they make new patterns that interact with our birth charts. These patterns herald seasons of change and seasons of stability, times of beginning and times of ending, cycles of sowing, growing, harvesting, grieving and finding new hope.

There’s something quite magical about Astrology. It is based upon the ancient idea: “As above, so below”; the view that positions of the planetary bodies relative to each other as seen from Earth carry meaning that is echoed on Earth. Carl Jung referred to this as synchronicity. The planets do not cause things to happen but their movements indicate a particular quality of time in which we share.


I believe that the most important purpose of astrology is to help us see ourselves more clearly. Life is a mystery – some things in life lie within our control and some don’t – but we have more power over our destiny if we can see more than one option ahead. With greater self-awareness, through astrology readings, of our habits and unconscious behaviours comes the possibility of making different choices.

Astrological symbols are not good or bad. They represent energies that can be used in either beneficial or unhelpful ways. Each birth chart is a blueprint for the most creative and spiritually fulfilling path of growth available for that person… and each person is responsible for the way they embody their birth chart. There is no astrological configuration so positive that it can’t be messed up by laziness or poor choices and there is none so negative that it cannot be overcome by awareness of possible pitfalls and sustained effort. We are each responsible for the choices we make.

Astrology can help us see those choices more clearly.

"Fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been: Love will come again, like wheat that's springing green."
John M.C. Crum, Now the green blade rises